Time to give something special to the DJs. I’m occasionally asked how I get from one genre to another during a performance. One way is a TRANSITION TRACK, which switches between different genres of music or different tempos. Here’s a club friendly example, complements of Baltimore’s DREAM TEAM DJ’s

AMERICANO (DT Club Killer Transition 92-126)

The DREAM TEAM always do a killer job at these club banger DJ Tools. This one uses Ludacris’ STAND UP and some other familiar hype samples to mix out of Hip Hop (or anything else that’s around 90 bpm really) and blast up into some dutch house. In this case, it’s an Australian jam (which is a perfect example of why “Dutch House” is such a stupid name for a genre of music) by YOLANDA BE COOL vs DCUP. WE NO SPEAK AMERICANO. This one destroys most dancefloors right now so get at it QUICK stupid!

There’s a MASSIVE REMIX PACK of WE NO SPEAK AMERICANO that you can get at HERE

That’s 2 posts already involving jams from the SWEAT IT OUT! label. I guess I’m a fan. How ’bout you???

I’ll be posting lots more DJ Tools on here. Will try to make the next one more rave friendly. Kay?