…and out of all the Living Dead making music, these guys are probably the deepest.

They are Lucas Hunter & Nat Self. The multi-talented production duo that are taking house music in a new direction. Taking influences from Balie Funk, African rhythms, Baltimore, Hip-Hop, and Fidget and making it sound fresh. With so many different sounds brought together in their unique style, it’s difficult to categorize, but since ZDS themsleves say “house is not a dirty word”, I’ll follow suit and leave it at that.

these guys do a great job of summing themselves up with the following…

ZOMBIES SAY YES – Drums, Birdbrain, MC Jesse Rose, Vintage Gucci, Fast cars, meditation, large stacks of cash, Gantman, Cheesy Dutch House, Cubase 5, Hixept, Radio shows, Dogs with small legs but normal bodies, Bicycles, Sound and San Pellegrino, Jackmode and Salad Nicoise.

ZOMBIES SAY NO – Funky going the way of UK Garage, bad warm up djs, cheap production, war, cocaine, band wagon jumpers (still like disco?), distortion, Cheesy Dutch House (can’t decide on that one), dentists, Ryanair, idiots and headaches.

Here’s something a little groovier than the majority of what you’ll get from DKGL. It’s called Hobo…

30 Hobo

…I’m a total sucker for those 1930’s style woodwind samples.

Whataya think? I’m dying to know.

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and don’t forget to check out their SITE too.

It’s always good to see what the other Dead Kids are doing.