Big up Pittsburgh for bringing the Guiness Records for most Zombies back to where it belongs this past Sunday (Oct 10). 4700 Zombies walked the streets of downtown pitts during their annual Zombie Fest.

In keeping with the cities proud tradition of Living Dead love, the biggest Halloween party in the Pittsburgh area is Zombie themed, and holy fuck is it gonna be epic!

You might notice that ya boy, Gobby Z, will be in the venue. I can’t tell you how pumped I am to be sharing the stage with MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT and X-ECUTIONERS.

You have probably seen THRILL KILL KULT in THE CROW. They are the band playing during the infamous shoot-out scene. I discovered them through the movie’s soundtrack, and got into them. Back then, I was very interested in bands that had amazing and unique live acts. Trill Kill Kult is definately one of those bands. Trust me, even if you’re not down with Industrial music, you’ll love the show these guys put on.

Here’s my favourite THRILL KILL KULT JAM. ‘CUZ IT’S HOT…

10 ‘Cuz It’s Hot (Edit)

Speaking of great shows, turntablism is always amazing to watch (I mean, unless they suck), and the X-Ecutioners definately rank in the top spots of all-time greatest (I don’t know enough about turntablism to say they are the best). Since this special Halloween reunion set will be a tribute to former member, Roc Raida, I figured it would be appropriate to offer up his anthem, RAIDA’S THEME…

05 Raida’s Theme

If it’s at all possible for YOU to get to this event, I hope you will, for no other reason than that I think it’s going to be amazing!

You can get more info on 3D ZOMBIELAND from FACEBOOK, or LOLLI.ORG