If you’re coming to 3D ZOMBIELAND for Halloween, you can catch my homeboy, DOVERSPIKE in a mighty 3-way tag set.

Doverspike has been in the electronic music scene for the past decade. He started DJing in August of 2001, with an arsenal of ’94 ragga jungle and all of the hottest new breakcore. By 2006, he had become one of Pittsburgh’s favourite DJs.

Recently Doverspike has been focusing on production. His breakcore and jungle roots combine with dubstep, electro, and hip hop influences to create a unique blend of genre bending music. His first official release is his remix of my Bit Lotta Bass jam, out on Intellegenix records. If you haven’t peeped in yet YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW!

Doverspike is also part of The Assassins. A pair of masked ninjas, doing live mashups. Robbie Rockso plays the freshest dubstep mixed with some older bangers, while Doverspike lays down hip hop, top 40 and even 80’s acapellas to mash it up proper for a new and exciting mix every time.

He very recently put up a Soundcloud Playlist of all his downloadable tracks. You should definately check it out. There is a wack of killer jams that span many different genres of music. I’ve been pumping his Clubstep remix of BOOM BIDDY BYE BYE by CYPRESS HILL feat. THE FUGEES. By the way, this jam is also a great one to drop during your next blunt session.

18 Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Doverspike Clubstep Remix)

If you like that, be sure to check out his SOUNDCLOUD PLAYLIST

I can’t wait to see what this guy comes out with next.