You like Hip-Hop? Then I hope you’re following Chip Tha Ripper. Are you a Hip-Hop MC hoping to build up hype about yourself in an increasingly more crowded and tired scene? Then I hope you’re following Chip Tha Ripper.

Chip is from Cleveland, which isn’t your usual hot spot for Hip-Hop. He began hosting mix-tapes by local producers in the Cleveland area. He has appeared on tracks by Kid Cudi and Kidz In Tha Hall. He has been giving out loads of free tunes. All this has slowly built up his name, as he readies the world for the drop of his debut album, GIFT RAPS (coming soon).

He recently released a free album. The track that has been getting the most circulation amungst the Hip-Hop heads is AIN’T NO LOVE IN HERE. The beats are produced by MILLION $ MANO (will post up some music by him soon) and the soulful harmonies in the track are reminiscent of BONE THUGS N’ HARMONY, who were probably the biggest Hip-Hop act to ever come out of Cleveland. There’s something refreshing about this jam. I think it’s that it might suggest a return to old soul music sampling and melody in Hip-Hop. Proggressing music by borrowing from the past. I think that’s so important and has been so lost in Hip-Hop over the past few years. It’s also the fact that, while the music is very warm and loving, Chip’s rhyming about a cold harsh reality. Love contrast like that within a single song. It’s a hard thing to pull off. Chip does it for the win! I also love hearing Vinyl distortion in tracks. Will write more about that later. Check out the tune…

Ain’t No Love Here (RIGHT CLICK>SAVE AS)

It’s 2010. Do I really need to write how to download from a blog???