With Halloween approaching fast I’m getting more and more pumped, so don’t be surprised if I’m uploading lots of spoooky jams.

Since this is the first hardstyle track I’m posting, a quick word on the genre in general. I’m very picky with hardstyle. Quite honestly, most of it is gag worthy cheese with low production value. HOWEVER, I will always be a sucker for a big hard beat and hardstyle always delivers on that. There are plenty of gems hiding amungst the weeds and I do my best to find them.


I don’t know anything about these guys, except that their COCAINE EP is a pretty nice piece of Hardstyle work. You can download the title track below. One thing I love about the Dutch (and this seems to be true for many different styles of music) is how random they are. I’m calling this a Halloween jam because it has a big creepy sample from CANDY MAN in the middle of it. The track also has the word “Cocaine” in it. What the Candy Man and Cocaine samples have to do with eachother? Who knows! I love it. Now add a ravey synth line and some banging beats and you’ve got a choon that makes me wanna Bounce and smile. It also makes me wanna snort some blow and watch horror movies. Anyone???

 01 Cocaine

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