One of BeatauCue’s Impossible-Not-To-Play Bangers

I admittedly have a prejudice against music from France. Will write more about it in a bit. BeatauCue are an exception to my “no frenchies” rule.

They are two guys from France who, to put it in their words, “turn every track they remix into a impossible-not-to-play banger”. Ego issues aside, I think they’re pretty spot on with that statement.

here’s one of those impossible-not-to-play banger’s that I like A LOT. Their remix of Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club. This aint your usual French Pop kids. Crank those speakers up.

24 Something Good Can Work (BeatauCue Remix)

If you’re feelin’ that, you gotta check out their CHA CHA CHA EP.