A little about me and mixtapes before we get started. I spent over a decade studying the art of DJing. It is an art that, sadly, has pretty much been forgotten over the past few years. Technology and a new generation of partiers have made DJing almost obsolete as an art form. I, however, still enjoy scrutanizing a well put together studio mix. Every month I’ll be posting a mixtape that has made my ears perk up. Since I don’t just want to gush about how great everything is, I’m going to write about both the HIGH and LOW point of the mix. Hopefully, the DJs responsible won’t take offence. I will only ever be constructive in my opinions. As is with anything else, I would love to hear from anyone who dissagrees with me. On with the show…

SEAN 2:16

I’ve known this guy for a while now. He was born in Merced, California, but resides in Cleveland, Ohio. Sean cares about 4 things: music, money, bitches & blunts (IN THAT ORDER). He looks really good in a suit and I’ve rarely ever seen him without atleast a couple girls hanging off of him.

His sets are brilliant multi-genre mega-mashes that commonly span Dubstep, Fidget House, Bassline, Electro, Bmore, Breaks, DnB & Drumstep. The one common factor in everything that Sean drops is HEAVY BASS!!!

There are other DJs that do the “everything bass” style quite well. What I love about Sean’s mixing is that, while most other DJs select in a random stream of consciousness sort of way, often purposely making tracks contrast from one to another, Sean organizes his sounds into genre vignettes with some sort of transition on either end. The result is that everything goes together and his mixes end up as a journey flowing through multiple styles of music. This is what I think a good studio mix should accomplish.




1. Ashes-Dubvine
2. Dansette Junior- Paranoid (Tom Encore remix)
3. Statelapse- Regurgitate
4. Dj Fresh- Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion remix)
5. Guttstar- Not Money or Show (Kastle remix)
6. WoNK & Kitch N’ Sync- Pumpin my Shit (Jay Robinson remix)
7. Rampage- Southside Anthem
8. Flinch- Midnight Hustle (Udachi remix)
9. Momma’s Boy vs Mikix the Cat- Party Rock
10. Supabeatz & Landmark- Rhumbla Woohoo (Jay Robinson remix)
11. AC Slater- Calm Down Part 2: Two Brothers Divided over a Sandwich
12. Urban Assault- Red Raider (dubstep remix)
13. Urban Assault- Red Raider VIP
14. Doctor P- Sweet Shop (Camo & Krooked remix)
15. Dirty Deeds- Punch line
16. Radiokillaz Feat MC Cobra – Gona B Fire (K2 Dirty Halfstep Skank Out Mix)
17. Zeds Dead- White Satin
18. N.A.S.A. Feat. Kanye West, Santigold & Lykke Li- Gifted (Masuka Remix)
19. Fenech Soler- Lies (Doctor P remix)
20. Erik Hassle- Hurtful (George Lenton remix)
21. Highbloo- Guiro
22. Mac Zimms- Your Horny Horns (Angger Dimas remix)
23. Will Bailey & Punk Rolla- Kata
24. Medison feat. Skrein- Harry (Bare Noize remix)
25. Blu Mar Ten- Nobody Here (Kastle remix)
26. City & Colour- Confessions (Dantini remix)
27. Magnetic Man feat Katy B- Perfect Stranger
28. Will Bailey- Big Dirty Bass (Filthy Rehab remix)
29. The Amp Jackers- Muffin Jak (Wat the Funks Blueberry muffin remix)
30. Original Sin feat. Charlie Jones- Love Games
31. The Freestylers & Pendulum feat. SirReal- Painkiller (Kouncilhouse remix)
32. Dirty Deeds- Lose it (Drumstep remix)
33. Heist- I Need Killers
34. Eminem- So Bad


HIGH POINTS: This mix starts off with a little bit of cheesiness to get you smiling (Ashes’ Heard It Through The Grapevine rip up), but very quickly moves on to a series of serious bangers that blur the lines between Dubstep and Bassline. He uses 2 different mixes of Urban Assault’s Red Raider to pick the tempo up in to dirty DnB, then uses a series of Drumstep & Dubstep jams to ease the tempo back down. The energy climaxes with 3 selections of hyperactive Tropical Bass. Then Sean breaks out another signature move of his that I love. I don’t know if he does this consciously or not but he tends to steadily build up the energy in his mixes to a blistering peak, and then he completely swithches gears, drops down the tempo, chills out the vibe , and starts building again. In this mix he does just that with the Bare Noize rmx of harry by Medison. Sean then continues with a series of dubbed out, soulful jams, which steadily pick up energy until he is into straight-up bassline. He then picks the tempo back up for a couple more DnB roof blowers, followed by some serious Drumstep. That Painkiller rmx is THE TITS! The mix ends off with a little twist in the form of So Bad by Eminem. A song which I think does well to descibe Sean’s Big Pimpin’ side.

LOW POINTS: Shit! It’s hard to say anything negative about this mix. Seriously! It definately needs some mastering work. the levels are quite low at times. As a DJ, you want a mix to hit people nice and hard to make them say “Whoa!”. From a practical perspective, if you’re listening to this on the street (as I was), it’s a shame if a killer jam gets drowned out by city noise because the levels are too low to compete (and I had the volume cranked). Sean, you’ve got the mixing down homie! Next challenge is to learn some mastering techniques.

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