Time to take it way back for a little bit of headucation…

Chic – Good Times

GOOD TIMES, by CHIC, is a 1979 disco jam that has become one of the most important songs in the history of dance music. No foolin’. Check out WIKIPEDIA’s history of the song. The most important statement made in the entry is that “it became one of the most sampled tracks (and hence one of the most distinctive basslines) in the history of recorded music”. Check out the list of all the songs that have sampled or been inspired by Good Times. You’ll be surprised.

Here’s a jam that you won’t find on the Wikipedia list. It’s a mashup by PARTY BEN that combines Good Times with TRIPLE TROUBLE by THE BEASTIE BOYS and TAKE ME OUT by FRANZ FERDINAND. Fucking brilliant, well produced and tonnes of fun.

Party Ben – Chic Franzie Boys