Peter Moskalyk of Belladonnakillz has passed away.

I didn’t know Peter well but was lucky enough to have some conversations with him, to party with him, remix one of his tunes, and have him perform with me live at one of my shows. I also admired Peter and was inspired by his music and his wild sense of humour.

At Goodfellaz: Larger Than Life, in 2005, I got the opportunity to interview Peter after his show. The content of the interview is very explicit, but it’s such a wonderful example of Peter’s off-the-wall and, well, proudly perverted sense of humour. Please give it a listen.

Interview with Belladonnakillz live @ Goodfellaz – Larger Than Life in Toronto 2005

Here are some things that you may not know, but should, about Belladonnakillz (based on writings by Ian Wright aka DJ Plague on SPEEDCORE.CA)…

Creator of “Smerk” around the year 2001, he was one of the key figures in the Toronto hardcore scene. Organizing several, once a month parties in downtown Toronto in “The big bop”, a venue which is now being torn down and replaced with a chain furniture store.

He toured the world with his show, from Toronto to Montreal, to Holland to Russia. Worked with many top producers including The Panacea and Lenny Dee, and was featured on several vinyl releases and compilations.

He had just finished a college course in City Planning and finished his latest tour of Europe.

It seemed he had now a bright future ahead of him.
So to hear this sad news is painful and tragic.

Always a flamboyant personality, he lived life to its fullest, he was a true rockstar.

Peter was an amazing clasically trained pianist, with a deep affection for Phillip Glass & Chopin. Music video director, ERDAL ALI, posted a clip of peter playing classical piano during the shooting of a BDK music video. It is undeniably complex and beautiful…

Peter was also an excellent lyricist. This is a poem he wrote entitled REMEMBER US ALL. You can check out some more of his poetry HERE. These poems are quite different from the lyrical style you find in Belladonnakillz tracks, but both were equally brilliant. CARL HEINDL (aka killz) described Peter’s song writing this way: “you could write a fucking hook to the dirtiest fucking lyric I ever heard and make a room fucking smile at it”.

As Bella, Peter had an amazing stage presence. Check out the clip below of my performance with him. You can really see his sense of humour, honesty, and command of the crowd. It was an amazing experience to share the stage with him.

Ofcourse, Peter will be remembered most by the world for his music. below is a 30 minute mix of tracks from Belladonnakillz’s Perverted & Proud album. It was mixed and selected by DJs Milo & Virus and aired on the TSR show in 2005. It was later voted by listeners as one of the show’s 3 best sets of the year.

Belladonnakillz Perverted & proud studio mix (mixed by Milo & Virus for the TSR show #142 in 2005)

Joey Rukkus (Pittsburgh, PA) has been spreading around a link to a very early Belladonnakillz studio mix. If you’d like to hear some of Peter’s early work, you can download the album HERE.

All of the above recordings are from several years ago now, so here is something more current from Belladonnakillz. A track titled MY DREAM. It is an eerily beautiful piece, made ever more so in the wake of Peter’s passing.

PLEASE buy this song on ITUNES. It costs 99 cents.

KNIFEHANDCHOP described what I think is the most important message that Peter had for the world. “I learned from him that it really doesn’t matter what other people think if you are doing what you want”.

My personal feelings toward Peter’s passing have already been described perfectly by others in the following…

“I’m thankful for our conversations and the music you’ve given all of us to remember you by. This was far too soon. You’re missed immensely already” – Jessica Amber Rayfuse

“You will live forever in your songs and the hearts of friends around the world… BDK 4 ever.  ♥ RIP Peter” – Petra Turner

Click HERE to see some of BDKs videos, and keep his memory alive.

Thank you for reading.