Juuuust incase you don’t know what a party break is, here’s a brief description: A bootleg mega-mashup of familiar samples made for the purpose of hyping up a crowd.

Zombies love party breaks cuz when we come to party we do it up hype! And Party Breaks are always very high energy.

Traditionally, Party Breaks have always been a Hip-Hop thing. Here’s a fairly new exmple of a traditional style Party Break by Toronto resident DINGOKILLER aka TK-8817. The energy is to the max and I love the creative use of The Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop sample. CHECK IT!

Dingokiller & TK-8817 – The Power of Audio Mulch

In the past year, with the dutch house explosion in full force, Party Breaks have taken on a new and even more hyper identity. Check out a prime example from “certified roof removers”, HITMAN & NAUGHTY. WARNING: you might wanna stand up cuz this is gonna make you wanna jump…

39 Hitman & Naughty – I Like To Put My Hands Up (Naughty’s Hype Done Right Edit)

Naturally, I’ll be posting lots more Party Breaks on DKGL, so CHECK BACK OFTEN. Yeah?