Introducing the QUICK MIX VAULT

Life moves fast in Zombieland. We don’t have time for your 6 minute version. That’s why I spend lots of time editing down tracks to get to the point in 3 mins or less. QUICK HITTER edits are great for quick mixing DJs, so if that is YOU, check back here often for more chomped down versions of you favourite dance tunes. If you’re as A.D.D. as me and you just can’t listen to a tune for more than a few minutes, these edits are also great for you.

The first one that I’m offering is CALIFORNIA DREAMIN by ROYAL GIGOLOS.

Hahaha. Thos guys look like such assholes. Anyways…

This is a tune that you might say has become an electro house classic. Here it is straight and to the point in 1 min, 43 secs.

13 Royal Gigolos – California Dreamin (Gobby Z Quick Hitter)

I’ll also be posting quick hitters from other producers. Here’s one by a couple of quick mix DJs who call themselves CVRBND. It’s a BMore rip of LLOYD BANKS’ BEAMER BENZ OR BENTLEY…

28 B-More, Benz & Bentley (CVRBND™ Remix_Quick Hitter)

DMY ravers. I’ll post some ravier quick edits next time. Kay???