Here’s some Marijuana music for you next session…

I have 2 songs for you. Both are from different genres and by different artists BUT they both sample the same vocal. MARIJUANA PON DE CORNER by RICHIE PRICE. It’s a classic smokers anthem. Check out the priginal below…

Here’s a grimey dubstep take by MISTA HYDE. It’s called GANJA SKANK.

05 Ganja Skank

MISTA HYDE is a 19 year old from South-West London, UK. You can check out an INTERVIEW and MIXTAPE from him on SQUITTYBUBBLER.COM

Now for the faster moving smokers, a DNB version by YATZ, called HIGH GRADE.

01 High Grade

YATZ is from South-East London and says that he is “5 ft 8 in of pure THC… and musical madness :O)”. You can check out more from him on his MYSPACE.

Liking these tunes??? Then you really outta check out some more tunes from MISTA HYDE and YATZ.