SKREECH grew up in NYC where he was surrounded by Hip-Hop & RnB. As a teenager, in the mid 90s, he moved to Atlanta, GA, where he became a regular attendee in the cities rave scene. It was at these raves that he developed a passion for electronic music of all kinds.

Since 2004, SKREECH has been producing his own original tracks and lots of bootleg remixes. His style is very eclectic and experimental, changing from track to track.

My particular favourite of his remixes is the rework he did on the classic freestyle banger, IN A DREAM by ROCKELL. I love the obvious dubstep influence and how he has taken time-stretching to the absolute max to create a track that is very different from the usual Breaks rip. Get at it. This shit is freshhhhhhh.

Skreech-Rockell – In a Dream remix

You can check out a butt-load of tunes from SKREECH on his SOUNDCLOUD or chat him up on his FACBOOK PAGE.