I’m hoping that by now you’ve heard the GOOFFEE remix on my BIT LOTTA BASS EP. If not you’ve got some listening to do!

GOOFFEE are Fil Janjos and Kolter Marles. Two guys from Toronto who both have a wild sense of humour, killer production skills, an ear for what makes a dancefloor pop, and on top of all that, they’re really nice guys!

Now they’ve got a Dubstep side-project under the name, DR. SCIENCE & SWANKASAURUS.

“It was either that or Swankasaurus Sex but it was a little too much” – Kolter Marles (Hahaaa!)

Before you check out their tune, WAX DAT, get ready for hyper beats and tweeky grinding synths in a tune that is both whimsical and fierce at the same time. This aint no cookie cutter brostep shit.

Dr. Science & Swankasaurus – Wax Dat DOWNLOAD

You can get at more from DR. SCIENCE & SWANKASAURUS on SOUNDCLOUD, where you can also preview the GOOFFEE remix of I’M A DRUMMER by my homeboys, the SMUT PUSHERS. Like it? Then you really should check out some more GOOFFEE TUNES.

Hurry, before they get sued by disney.