Before we get to the jam, I wanna discuss Breakcore and Digital Hardcore. I’m very on the fence about these genres of music. For the most part, I think they are AWEFUL! I don’t think noise is music. Infact, I think it’s the opposite of music really. What I do love is when an artist uses noise to create melody, but Breakcore/DHC artists rarely do this. I also don’t think percussion is music on its own. It should be an element of a song. Most Breakcore/DHC seems to be comprised entirely of percussion. A lot of the jams in these styles are also very fast, soaring way past 200 bpm. People can’t dance that fast! Electronic music that is too fast to dance to is useless to me. Whenever I hear a DJ drop a tune that is, like, 400 bpm, all I think to myself is, “Wow. That DJ HATES DANCING and is doing everything they can to make sure nobody does”.

ON THE OTHER HAND, I recognize that Breakcore and DHC are incredibly complex styles of music. The detail is often astonishing! I also appreciate the crude sense of humour that Breakcore/DHC artists tend to have. They really inject a lot of fun into their music. There are some Breakcore/DHC jams in my collection. I always try to give music a chance and occasionally I stumble upon something that I like in a pile of shit.


This is a Canadian DHC label founded in 1998. They recently released a free album by Meat Parade & Rubber Muffin. Here’s my favourite song from the album for you to check out and download if you like it. It’s a heavily Breakcore influenced Gabber jam with a hilariously long title.

Meat Parade + Rubber Muffin – Fluorescent Magma Jungle Urethra (Picture Yourself Riding A Horse, But The Horse Isn’t A Horse He’s A Rocket Horse)

Now, here’s the thing. I would drop this track in a mix, BUT I would slow it way down and do a pretty substantial edit on it so that it’s short and only contains the parts that I don’t think are horrible. Haha! I may do this. We’ll see.

I know there are lots of intellegent Breakcore/DHC lovers out there and I would love to read from you, so if you disagree with me, please leave a comment.

You can find out lots more about D-TRASH on their WEBSITE.