Earlier this year, SENSELESS RECORDS released an EP from KANJI KINETIC called ZOMBIEZZ. If you want to hear something different but really fucking good, check out this EP.

SENSELESS is a Neo-Rave label that seems to be always looking to break the genre molds and is not afraid to embrace extreme sounds and have them share space on the same release. KANJI is the perfect producer for a label like this. The write up for the Zombiezz EP, states that, “Kanji Kinetic makes it, a monstrous hybrid of electro, bassline, jungle and, yes, rave. It doesn’t just deny classification, it smashes it to pieces” This is not only true for Kanji’s originals, but also for the remixes that he chose to be on the EP. The most adventurous of these is a FUCKING UK HARDCORE REMIX by 9mm!

Kanji Kinetic – Zombiezz (9MM remix)

You should definately go to the SENSELESS RECORDS WEBSITE to check out the rest of the EP. There you will also find a FREE DOWNLOAD of a Breakcore remix of Zombiezz by JOHNNY SIDEWAYS.

When you’re done that, hit up some more jams by KANJI KINETIC. Love that kid!