2 Dutch DJs that team up to make dirty house that borrows from many different influences and is always centered around heavy percussion. I’m quite a fan of drums myself, so these guys are just right for me and they may be for you too. Check out their jam, TASTY SWIRL. It’s a track about one of my favourite things: girls in the club moving around. Gets my appetite up. Hence the name, Tasty swirl.

Lucky Charmes & Kid Kaio – Tasty Swirl

Aside from making great Dutch Bangers, I’ve noticed something funny about these two. One of them seems to have nothing to say while the other has way too much to say…

Kid Kaio’s ABOUT ME section on his MYSPACE page just says, “Kid…”. That’s it. All his other web pages just have a link to his Myspace page.

Lucky Charmes, on the other hand, has a 10 paragraph bio up on his SOUNDCLOUD which is proceeded by a full discography. Haha!

I wonder if these 2 compliment eachother verbally the same way they do musically. Maybe Lucky does most of the talking for Kid, but Kid’s occasional intergections break up Lucky’s verbosity, toning him down a little. Maybe together they reach a happy medium of communication. Anyone know???

Anyways, I think communication wise, somewhere in between these two is the way to go. As for bangin’ beats, they’ve got it down pact. Keep ya drums BIG.

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