Holy shit have I ever got a PARTY BREAK for you!

I’ve mentioned before that zombies heart Party Breaks, and ofcourse we like our Z Jamz, so you’d better believe we get the fuck up to a Z Jam Party Break.

It’s by DJ A.D. who is a New Jersey producer that regularily contributes to the CROOKLYN CLAN sites. This P. Break takes a remix of ZOMBIES by DESIGNER DRUGS (if anyone can ID it for me, I will eat you last) and packs it with chopped up hype samples. It’s a guaranteed floor-filler for the living and the dead.

DJ A.D. – Zombie Ghouls’ N’ Thriller Electro

Check out more stuff from DJ A.D. on his MYSPACE.

You can check out 3 different mixes of ZOMBIES (Designer Drugs) at the end of my DEAD DISCO studio mix.