Here’s something to add to the SHIT! category of DEAD KIDS GET LIVELY…

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I’m a huge fan of CROOKLYN CLAN. They produce and host a lot of incredible music. This time, however, I’m afraid they’ve made an epic FAIL. REGGAE CHOPS & APPLE SAUCE is a collaboration project from 3 of the Clan’s top producers, RIZ, DANNY DIGGZ & STEVE1DER. They released it as a free mixtape for Crooklyn Clan members. Here’s how the official write-up describes this project…

“Reggae Chops & Apple Sauce isn’t your everyday mixtape, and as the quirky name suggests the mixers had fun with this one. This one of a kind mix is actually comprised of track after track of songs completely re-built and transformed into dancehall-friendly versions of their original counterparts.”

The problem with this mixtape is that the tracks are hardly “re-built and transformed”. Instead they are ever so slightly tweeked. The entire tape is made up of predictable, cheesy, and played-out top 40 pop jams that will make any music lover fall asleep, if not wince in pain. This would be an amazing project if the edits were a lot more complex. Unfortunately, these guys have just taken all of the most over-played club jams, made slight alterations to the instrumentals, and dumped them all together with an unispired mixing style.

I get the feeling that the reason they put all these chops in a free mixtape is that they know they’re too shitty to sell.

Now I know I sound like I’m just hating on Crooklyn Clan here. As I wrote before, most of what they release is amazing. I guess that’s why I’m so dissapointed with this mixtape and the hype that they’ve given it. I think I’d better give you an example of a killer C-Clan chop. Below is a MOOMBAHTON Transition chop up of DAVID GUETTA’s SEXY BITCH. It came from Crooklyn Clan’s RATED H store and was produced by CLAUDIO D. The DJs are gonna love this…

Claudio D – Sexy Bitch Transition

Now that’s a jump-up jam! Yo Crooklyn, more Moombahton and less Reggae Chops please. Get back to the goodness. That’s enough bitching for tonight. Thanx for enduring me.