DAVID GUETTA & AFROJACK collabed on a jam called LOUDER THAN WORDS, which they premiered at WMC this year. It was a completely new sound for Afrojack and somewhat of a return for Guetta. When I first heard it, I responded the way I think most people responded. I didn’t like it.

Checking it out again, I think that the tune just comes off as a shock because it’s not what anyone expected to hear from these two artists combined. Guetta is the worlds biggest Urban Electro producer and Afrojack is the champion of Dutch House. But this track is… Trance?!?! Yeah, I know it technically falls into a house category because Guetta and AJ are house producers, but if you heard this track with no producer names attached to it, you’d put it in the Trance category. I also think you would say, “Wow, that’s pretty. The vocal is passionate, well sung and catchy. The builds are way epic. I like it”. Okay, maybe you wouldn’t say quite that, but I would.

Sooo, how ’bout giving it another chance. Huh? get at it below.

David Guetta & Afrojack – Louder Than Words feat. Niles Mason

Are you turned around on the subject??? Then you should definately check out some more music from DAVID GUETTA and AFROJACK. You might rediscover some more jams that you weren’t feeling originally.

Ofcourse, if you still hate it, leave a comment and let me know it.