You know I love WEED JAMS, but I hate religious music! However, the very idea of “Jah make weed. That’s why we have to thank him” is so wacky and awesome that I just need to pump this jam!

It’s a super dubbed out remix of DR. WHO by DR. BLUE & THE TIME TRAVELLERS. This jam comes from a FREE ALBUM released earlier this year by DUBSTEP pioneer, SKREAM. In additional to the feather ruffling lyrics, this jam has HUGE bass, killer reggae stabs, and THE DR. WHO THEME! WIN!!!

Dr.Blue and The Time Travellers – Dr.Who Dub – Skreamix

For those of you not familiar with Dr. Who *sigh*, It’s a BBC science-fiction series about a doctor who travels through time and space in a phone booth. It is the longest running science-fiction series of all time (1963-1989) and is actually important to the development of electronic music. Learn more HERE.

If you love Dubstep, then Skream is a very important person in your life. He is one of the original Dubstep producers, and his track, MIDNIGHT REQUEST LINE is considered to be the first crossover hit of the genre, although his remix of IN FOR THE KILL by LA ROUX probably did more to expose Dubstep to the mainstream. Learn more about Skream on WIKIPEDIA. You should.

As I mentioned, this jam is from a free album called FREEISM VOL 3. You can download it HERE.

There’s lots more music from SKREAM for you to check out. DO IT! You can also check him out on his SOUNDCLOUD.