Here it is. My first post of 2011. Gonna kick it off with something appropriate…


This is a UK HARDCORE jam released on HIXXY‘s RAVER BABY label in 2004. It’s by DJ UFO, one of the most important figures in the past decade of UK Hardcore. Not only is this jam produced by him, he also did the resinging of the vocals. Who knew he could sing?!?!

This track, to my knowledge, has never been released as an MP3. This is a vinyl rip and, aside from torrents, this is the only place you can get it. Enjoy!

UFO – A New Years Day

A story about this jam: One night, back when DJ MILO was living in Toronto and attending U of T to become a scientist, I was driving him back to residence after consuming many chicken wings together. I had a Retro 80s program playing on the radio, and New Years Day came on. Milo suddenly perked up and said, “This is New Years Day by UFO!” I thought he was joking, so I chuckled and said “yeah right”. Milo replied, “No it is. The song on Raver Baby. This is it”. Puzzled, I asked, “Whataya mean???” Milo answered, “New Years Day by UFO. This is it”. It took me a while longer before I finally clued in that Milo actually didn’t know New Years Day was originally a U2 song from the eighties. I thought everybody knew that!

So for any of you youngsters that need to be headucated, check out the original U2 version below…

If you like this jam, you should hit up UFOs MYSPACE page to chat with him and check out the latest releases from his own UFOLOGY label.