I have a long standing Love/Hate relationship with Pop music and I’m going to use NATALIA KILLS to describe it because she embodies everything I both love AND hate about it.

First the HATES. Natalia writes songs about, “Sex. Love. Control. Vanity. Lipstick. Lies. Tears. Tragedy”. Basically, the same vacuous LCD bullshit that EVERY pop song is about. Her music describes the most basic of human experiences and does so in an 8-year-old vocabulary to ensure that even the most simple-minded tween girls can follow along. It’s mind numbing. Adding to the numbness is the fact that Natalia sounds like LADY GAGA and RIHANNA put together. In other words, her music is completely unoriginal regurgitation.HOWEVER…

Pop music is not meant to change the world or to move you deeply. It is supposed to be catchy and make you feel good. Anyone who thinks there is anything wrong with that is a complete cunt. Natalia’s music puts a big cheesy smile on my face. I also think it’s great that Goth, Punk, and Electro cultures are now having a profound influence on the mainstream. This is very apparent in both Natalia’s music and image.

Check out the FRANKMUSIK remix of her song, MIRRORS. It’s a song about raunchy fetish sex. If you can’t enjoy a hard dirty sex tune, you’re boring! Check out the VIDEO and snatch up the jam below.

Natalia Kills – Mirrors (Frankmusik rmx)

Now, what makes Natalia stand out from the rest of the dark pop princesses is her love of film and her acting/writing/directing talents. She has a web series, called LOVE KILLS XX, and it is described as “a backstage pass to Natalia’s restless mind”. Like her music, it is a mildly shocking feast for the senses, and a lot of fun. Check out EPISODE 1 below. There is a link to Ep. 2 at the end.

Natalia also has a Z-JAM, appropriately titled ZOMBIE, which I will undoubtedly be posting up in the near future.

Ultimately, I have to conclude that I like NATALIA KILLS more than I hate her. The same goes for Pop music. I wouldn’t be blogging about either if that wasn’t the case. Cheesy is good, fun, and the perfect soundtrack for when you’re loaded. Pop music only becomes nagative when people try to take it seriously.

Check out more NATALIA KILLS on her WEBSITE, learn more about her on WIKIPEDIA, and keep an eye out for her debut album, dropping later in 2011.

I hope I don’t come off as an angry hipster when I write posts like this. I fucking hate hipsters! If I do, please tell me. Thanx.