This has been my happy song for the past month or so…

Cloud Nothings – Leave You Forever

CLOUD NOTHINGS are an awesome Lo-Fi Rock band with a great story. Their bio tells it best, so I’m just gonna paste it:

“Cloud Nothings is the brainchild of 18 year old Cleveland resident Dylan Baldi.  Late in 2009, he started recording a bunch of catchy indie rock songs on his computer in the basement of his parent’s house. Dylan wasn’t so concerned with them being lo-fi.  But since he only had his simple computer and a crappy microphone that’s the way they turned out.  Almost immediately praise was bestowed upon young Dylan, and as new songs were unleashed, the online excitement only grew.

Dylan needed to take his songs on the road, so he formed a band with TJ Duke on bass, Jayson Gerycz on drums, and Joe Boyer on guitar.  Their first show was in New York last December opening for Real Estate and Woods.  Since then the band has played SXSW, toured with Wavves, and played shows with such bands as Titus Andronicus, Parts & Labor, Best Coast, and Kurt Vile. Their live shows have become super tight, displaying an intensity and precision rarely seen in bands of any age.”

Below is an example of Cloud Nothings’ live performance. They are playing Leave You Forever on the street for a benefit event called Music Saves.

I’m all over the Lo-Fi Rock movement, and the best songs are always the ones that are unintentionally Lo-Fi, like this one. You will definately be seeing more Lo-Fi on DEAD KIDS GET LIVELY, and you will definately be hearing more about CLOUD NOTHINGS in 2011.

You can check out more music by them HERE, and get at them on MYSPACE or FACEBOOK.

Now knock it off with the smiling and get back to work!