AC SLATER was in town this past weekend, and as usual, EPIC DRINKING was the result.

I’m often surprised how many people don’t know that AC used to be a rave DJ. The guy has been spinning for over a decade and used to run a highly regarded Hardcore label, called PITCHED UP RECORDINGS. Me and AC met at a rave a long time ago. I honestly don’t remember what year it was but 2002 would be a good guess. Ever since then, any time AC is around, massive alcohol consumption is also present. I have a lot of stories that involve AC and drinking (some of which come with supporting media). I will hopefully get to all of them someday. For now, here’s one from last year…

I attended BANGFACE WEEKENDER 2010 last year in England and it was the MOST fun I have ever had. Honestly! The first night of the festival was one of the drunkest nights of my afterlife. Memories are very sketchy and I’m still hearing about stupid things that I did that night. AC was in the venue to perform and was completely wasted aswell. While he was spinning, I somehow wandered into the DJ booth and was staggering about. I don’t remember how I got there. After a few minutes, AC did something terrible that I would come to regret…

…he handed me a microphone.

I guess he thought it would be like back in the day when I used to MC over his Rave music, but back in the day, I wasn’t so drunk that I couldn’t even make words. I didn’t let that stop me though. I started yelling intangibly into the mic, attempting to climb up onto a speaker box. The box was on wheels and I just kept falling off of it. Then I noticed my homeboy, END (former Pitched UP MC / Goodfellaz crew / Totally Sweet Radio co-host) in the front row. He was also wastered. I helped him over the barracades and we both started yelling nonsense at the crowd. Apparently we were going non-stop over all the vocals in the tracks and AC started yelling at us to “shut up!” He even tried throwing his beer at us, to no avail. Eventually, he got a stage hand to take the mic away from us. problem finally solved.

Now, I didn’t remember ANY of this and neither did AC. Luckily we had lots of friends in the crowd, laughing their asses off at us. They filled us in the following morning.

Next time, I’ll tell you about another instance of AC Slater and my drunken MCing. That story is accompanied by a recording, AND a drinking game. For now, let’s get to some music…

AC Slater has quickly become one of the most sought after remixers in the world. Here’s an epic example from his own PARTY LIKE US label…

Kry Wolf – 3001 (AC Slater remix)

The KRY WOLF – 3001 EP, that this remix comes from, is INCREDIBLE! If you’re feelin’ the remix, you need to check out the rest of it HERE.

There’s also plenty of original productions from AC SLATER that you can check out on JUNO.

AC has a great WEBSITE that you should visit fo a recent interview, a FREE TUNE, and a post about all his favourite things from 2010. You can also TWEET that kid.

Gay Sailor Dubstep. Hahaaaa!