TRANCE was the first form of underground electronic dance music that I ever heard (or atleast that’s what I was told it was). At first, I thought all EDM was called Trance. On the first mixtape I ever had (which was on a blank casette from a friend), I wrote “TRANCE VOL 1”, but it was a JUNGLE mix by a Toronto DJ called SNIPER!

I soon learned that Jungle was not Trance, but I’ve always been confused about exactly what makes a song Trance. WIKIPEDIA has a lot to say about it. So much, infact, that it just further confuses the question. Even in the early 90s, there were many subgenres of Trance. Many of them bled into other genres of music, mainly Techno, Progressive House, and breaks, often making it difficult to pinpoint any particular song as pure Trance. Today, in a world of constant genre blending, defining any song as Trance is more difficult than ever.

Give a listen to the AXWELL remix of TEENAGE CRIME, by ADRIAN LUX.

This particular version has had some breakbeats worked in by my homeboy, SLEEPY MIXX, which gives the track some extra bang, but also adds to the difficulty in deciding whether or not this is a trance jam.

Adrain Lux – Teenage Crime (Axwell Remix) [Sleepy Mixx Re-Rub]

Now, I call this TRANCE! Why? Because of the long, uplifting, melodic builds. It’s very euphoric sounding and I think you could meditate to it, which is my final concluding factor. “Trance” music should have the ability to be used as an aid for going into trance. Get me? Anything that fits the above factors is trance in my books. However, this track is most often found in the HOUSE section of online stores. Beatport has it in the Progressive House section, but Beaport is out of touch and full of shit so who cares what they think. More on them in the future.

In conclusion, I can definately hear House elements in this track, and Sleepy Mixx’s break-beats obviously make it eligable for anyone’s Breaks section, but I’m gonna go ahead and call this TRANCE as I continue my quest for what the hell that word really means.

What do you think???

By the way, if you’re loving the above track, you should check out some more ADRIAN LUX. There’s also plenty of tunes to peep by AXWELL, and SLEEPY MIXX has a bunch of fun remixes and mashups on his SOUNDCLOUD.

You can run and tell that, homeboy!