STIRFRIED FREQUENCY are a London based Funky Electro/Breaks act comprised of Ricsta, Cookee, Natty Natstar, and Miss C. They have limitless amounts of energy (which comes out full throttle in their live act), and an idealistic love of music. I’ll likely be posting more from these kids in the near future. For now, I’m gonna focus on the groups MC, MISS C.

I had the pleasure of partying with MISS C at BANGFACE WEEKENDER 2010 last summer. Not only is she way too much fun, she’s also incredibly generous. She let me and 3 other Canadian Dead Kids crash at her place for a week after the festival!

Check out the FUGAZZI remix of a Stirfried jam called BOUNCE, MOVE, SHAKE…

Rictsa & Cookee feat. Miss C – Bounce, Move, Shake (Fugazzi remix)

Not only is this breakbeat banger sure to get you moving, but if you listen to MISS Cs lyrics, you get a glimpse into the difficult past that has made her the strong woman she is today.

Miss C grew up in a rough part of London. She had problems with her step father, and gave birth to her son when she was very young. Hey aspiring MCs! If you think the music game is tough, imagine dealing with it while also having to raise a kid. Miss C worked through it, all the while DJing and MCing around London, while maintaining her deep passion for music.

In addition to being a member of STIRFRIED FREQUENCY, Miss C has recently collabed with San Francisco’s SPEKRFREKS, and is about to land in Toronto this weekend to celebrate the release of her collab with Toronto’s own rising Diva DJ, VIVI DIAMOND. Word has it that she might have something in the works with my homies, SMUT PUSHERS, aswell.


You can peep more mixes and jams from MISS C on her SOUNDCLOUD. STIRFRIED FREQUENCY can be reached via MYSPACE or FACEBOOK, and you can check out a wack of tunes on their STIRFRIED TRAX record label HERE.