Here’s an interesting little cultural qwerk about Toronto. While in most cities (as far as I’m aware), the inhabitants have a sense of pride for the place they call home, in toronto this is not the case. Normally, at any event I’m performing at, I will give shouts out to the city that I’m in, but to do this in Toronto would illicit very little response. I think that because of out multi-cultural attitude, Torontonians tend to consider themselves as being from somewhere else. Because of this phenomenon, there are very few jams that big up Toronto. I’ve got loads of tunes that pay tribute to New York, or Miami, or L.A., or London, or Berlin, etc, but not the T DOT.

Even though I have plenty of issues with Toronto, I think that, whether you acknowledge it or not, the place that you live has a profound effect on who you are, so it’s important to REP YO CITY! With this in mind, I’m gonna post up some Toronto jams, starting right now with one for the hard Juglists…

SOUNDMURDERER & SK1 both reside in the Detroit area and are both highly regarded wolrdwide in the underground Jungle and Breakcore scenes. I don’t know what posessed them to do it, but they made a track that shouts out Toronto, and man is this one ever HEAVY! The live MC vocals also shout out OTTAWA & MONTREAL. If you have connections with any of those 3 cities OR you’re a fan of ballistic Jungle bizness, get out your seat, grab your wiper, and press play below…

Soundmurderer & SK1 – Toronto VIP

Holy shit! You can holler at SOUNDMURDERER on FACEBOOK, peep more tunes on JUNO, and catch him live in the UK at this years BANGFACE WEEKENDER. You best be checking out some more choonage from SK1, who also produced GLITCH-HOP under the name DABRYE.