Uh-oh, I’m posting NU-DISCO again. PREVIOUSLY, I wrote that I’m not crazy about the genre so I wouldn’t be making it a category, but maybe I’m gonna have to, because…

HANS-PETER LINDSTROM is currently the most important figure in Nu-Disco music. His creations are so imaginative and free-spirited. Since teaming up with Norwegian vocalist, CHRISTABELLE, he has been taking Nu-Disco to a whole new level of epic! Check out the song BABY CAN’T STOP, from their album, REAL LIFE IS NO COOL. It’s very pretty and very groovey and if you are in to sexy music, this is gonna make you move.

Lindstrom & Christabelle – Baby Can’t Stop (Radio Edit)

Like it? Then check out the ALBUM and tonnes more MUSIC from LINDSTROM & CHRISTABELLE. You should also probably take a peek at Lindstrom’s BLOG and WEBSITE.

For now, this jam is going in HOUSE. I’m not quite ready for the Nu-Dsico Category just yet.