I know very little about Toronto’s PHILTH. All I can say about him is that his name is Phil, and he’s been making some amazing sparse and fractured DUBSTEP. Some of it is very chilled and groovey, while other tunes are absolutely, well, philthy!

Here’s a jam that you are gonna be hearing in my new studio mix, when I release it online next week (Feb 7). It’s called PIANO ALCHEMY and it’s a mess of big, disgusting bass!

Philth – Piano Alchemy

Hold Up! It’s also a Z JAM. Did you miss the very subtle “When there’s no more room in hell…” sample from DAWN OF THE DEAD??? Check out the scene below.

I get the impression that PHILTH is a very low-key guy who just likes to make great music. Wanna hear more? Check out his SOUNDCLOUD.