It’s about time I got this track up here…

D Passion – Infection

It’s a NEWSTYLE GABBER jam that utilizes the same 28 DAYS LATER sample as the I KILLED KENNY track that I posted the other day. Love that movie. Love this tune!

D-PASSION is one of the most succesful Hardcore producers to come out of The Netherlands in the past decade. He produces a rough sounding, dancefloor orientated, style of hardcore. I love the way he makes melodies out of heavy distortion. His jams often contrast between beautiful melodic breakdowns and VERY hard beats.

If you’d like to know more about D-Passion, there’s an INTERVIEW with him on an awesome site called THE HARDER VIEW, which follows HARD TECHNO, HARDCORE & HARDSTYLE. What I will tell you here is that D-Passion likes to go fishing with DJ PROMO. No way!

Yo Gabba Gabba’s! Check out more music from D-PASSION HERE. You can get at him on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.