My homeboy, B. RICH, was in town last night, which resulted in a lot of Bass Face and drinking! Consequently, I am fucking TIRED today! So, I figured a little bit of cheesy JUMPSTYLE is the perfect thing to get me going. Bouncey bouncey!

Jumpstyle is like modern Euro, so you can bet that doing a Jumpstyle cover of an old Euro anthem is an instant win! KOMPULSOR knows this well.

Kompulsor has been making German style HARD DANCE music since 2001. Quite surprisingly, he is American! Not too many Yanks doing what he’s doing.

I love the way Kompulsor blurs genres. His stuff hovers around Hands-Up Euro Dance, Pop Trance, and Jump Style. It’s really hard to fit him into any one of those categories. There’s a lot of this going on in the world of Hard Dance today. I guess that’s why the term DANCECORE was created to lump everything together. The ULTRA FLIRT remix that I’m offering up tonight is hard and bouncey enough that I’m gonna go ahead and call this Jumpstyle. Dig?

Kompulsor – Around The World (La La La La) (Ultra Flirt Hands Up remix edit)

Now let’s talk about the original Euro version of this song, by ATC. It has one of the cheesiest, shittiest music videos I’ve ever seen. Check it out!

It’s so. ummm, it’s sooooo … gay!

Now, here’s a clip of ATC performing Around The World live…

QUESTION. If they’re not even gonna pretend that she’s not just lip-syncing the song, than why the hell are the 2 guys wearing headset microphones?!?! There’s no male vocals in the song. WTF!

In the end, cheesiness is exactly what makes Euro good and for that reason, I love both versions of this song. Even if the music video makes me wanna puke.

You can get to know KOMPULSOR on his WEBSITE and be sure to check out some more of his MUSIC if you’re feeling the bouncey beats.

Now wake up!