Everybody listen up, cuz this jam takes some explaining…

STAR SLINGER is the music project of a UK artist, named Darren Williams, who’s love of record collecting led to him develop a sample heavy style of producing.

One of Star Slinger’s most celebtrated songs is a rework of HEAVEN OR LAS VEGAS by one of his favourite bands, COCTEAU TWINS. The song is named ELIZABETH FRASER, after the lead singer of the band.

Dallas, TX producer and bloger, OHH! SO FAMOUS has taken Star Slinger’s creation and added in KANYE WEST‘s vocals from his song, TOUCH THE SKY (the music video rules!). In doing so, he has taken this jam to a whole other level. It is now a deep and dreamy HIP HOP jam. This version might even be more powerful than either of the original songs that have been mashed here. Opinions?

Star Slinger feat. Kanye West – Elizabeth Fraser (Ohh! So Famous! vs. Cocteau Twins Remix)

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