Here’s an example of why it is important to put proper song info on your tracks…

Kitch_Simon Says We Run It_

I recently rediscovered this killer 2007 MASHUP of EMINEM‘s YOU DON’T KNOW over some DRUM N BASS REMIX of PHAROAHE MONCH‘s SIMON SAYS (an all-time favourite jam of mine). It’s awesomely dirty and still sounds great years later. UNFORTUNATELY I had no idea who the remix is by OR who did the mashing. There’s no artist info on the track!

I found out, through a lot of bullshit searching, that the DnB remix is by THRILLBEATS, and the guy who did the mashup (and also created this mess) is called KITCH. His mashes are really good. You can grab a bunch more HERE.

Producers, the less info you tag on your download, the more likely it is to get lost in peoples MP3 collections. Mashup Artists, it’s very important, in your world, that every track gives credit to yourself AND to the artists who’s original works you are mashing. Mmm hmmm.

Killer jam anyways.