KROYCLUB are a 3 piece out of California that have a style based largely around ELECTRO THRASH, although their tracks cover a wide spectrum of different styles. Their live show consists of LIVE DRUMS and an ABLETON setup. Most of their tunes also have live drumming on them. Normally I stear clear of Electro Trash bands because the production value is HORRIBLE! It’s one thing to be Lo Fi. It’s another to just sound bad. BUT, Kroyclub productions are top notch. Every jam is a sonic experience for the ears. Noisy and sexy. Here comes a sample…

KroyClub – Speak To me_Estoy solo

SPEAK TO ME/ESTOY LOVE is another dirty/sexy/filthy/gorgeous jam from this band. The MY HOUSE sample pays a little tribute to the classics. Love that.

If you like the jam, you NEED to peep KROYCLUB’s SOUNDCLOUD. They have a lot more filth for you to enjoy. You should also check out their killer single, TRANNY. When you’re done, say wadup on TWITTER. Tell them Gobby sent you.