DJ-LIKWID has been spinning around the North-East States since 1996. Like myself, he is a big supporter and producer of many different genres of underground dance music, including HARDSTYLE, JUMPSTYLE, HARDCORE, ELECTRO, TECHNO, and most recently, DUBSTEP. He hosts a popular internet radio stream, called LIKWID RADIO, and is constantly releasing new mixes and original tunes. All this activity makes him an important guy to follow, especially if you are a member of any North American underground dance scene.


LIKWID has released a series of DUBSTEP mixes, the most recent of which is titled DUBSTEP FOR DUMMIES. If you are a real fan of Dubstep, in general, you will love this mix. And if your dubby tastes are more particular, I guarantee that skimming through, you will find atleast something that you really enjoy. Whatever you’re in to, I urge you to give it a browsing.



01. GECKO – Datsik
02. DOWN – Dz
03. OPEN YOUR EYES – Datsik
04. PCP – 16 Bit
05. MIDNIGHT – Bar 9
08. HELLO – AC Slater
09. GARGOYLE – Doctor P
10. WHAT TIME IS IT – 16 Bit
11. HOVERCRAFT – Cluekid
12. BAWL FWD – Skream
13. 28 HOURS LATER – 12th Planet


HIGH POINTS: This 53 min excursion through Dubstep is mixed seemlessly with impeccable flow from one track to the next. In 13 songs, it covers pretty much all the different styles of dubstep, with heavy grinding bassline manipulation off the top, to sparse, brooding, dub heavy riddims at the end, topped off by a big filthy finisher. Rave breaks, Triplets, and 4/4 percussions are also thrown in to complete the package. As you would expect from the title, the tracklist includes contributions from most of the major heavy weights in the dubstep scene. Each track is given ample time to shine making this mix play out like a showcasing of who’s who in Dubstep.

LOW POINTS: What’s in a name? When I saw the title, “Dubstep For Dummies”, I expected this mix to be similar to DIPLO‘s BLOW YOUR HEAD compilation, meaning that it would contain the biggest, most well known, and most mainstream appealing tracks that the Dubstep genre thus far has to offer. A mix made for novices of the genre that are curious to discover what dubstep is all about. Instead, it plays out as a mix of big choons for headz that are already immersed in the dubstep scene. Who cares? Well, it is totally acceptable to give a mix a non-descriptive name, such as “DJ-Likwid Dubstep mix Feb 2011”. Giving the mix a name suggests that the tracks within have been compiled based on a common theme. The title should certainly attract the audience for whom the mix was intended. I think, in this particular case, the name alone would cause many Headz to pass it by, while novices, expecting to hear the biggest break through hits of the genre, might leave the mix feeling dissapointed, or mislead.

There’s also the fact that there are a BUNCH of other mixtapes called Dubstep For Dummies. I think with anything musical that you create, you want the name to be associated only with you. Accomplishing this is very very easy. GOOGLE THAT! Type the name into a search engine, and if it’s already taken, CHOOSE A DIFFERENT NAME!

Name issues aside, this mix is a scorcher and a great example of Likwid’s skills as a highly experienced DJ. As I mentioned above, there are several more Dubstep sessions, along with lots of other mixes and tracks all avaliable on his WEBSITE. It’s really easy to navigate and you can get at all of his other web pages from there.