By now, I’m sure you have given a listen to my TROPICAL TERROR studio mix. Hopefully, you’ve made it to the 54:13 mark, at which point, you probably said “whoa”! That’s exactly what I did the first time I happened upon MUNCHI’s MOOMBAHCORE remix of WHERE’S MY MONEY.

MUNCHI has suddenly become one of the most sought after producers on the planet. He was born in the Dominican and raised in Rotterdam, Holland. He’s pretty young, but he was making dutch influenced TROPICAL BASS long before DAVE NADA invented MOOMBAHTON, or before the term “Tropical Bass” had been coined, for that matter. Munchi, along with a bunch of fellow young, Dutch/Belgian producers, have also created there own exciting new sub-genre. A while ago, I wrote about how Dave Nada discovered Moombahton when he started slowing down DUTCH HOUSE jams and laying REGGAETON elements over them. Well, Munchi, and friends, have started doing the same with DUBSTEP tracks, calling it MOOMBAHCORE. I am FUCKING NUTS about this stuff and you’re gonna be hearing a lot more of it from me this year, fo sho!

Here is the track that made me lose my shit and fall instantly in love with MOOMBAHCORE. It’s a remix of a remix, using CASPA‘s monster hit rework of TC‘s original banger, and infusing it with heavy tropical power to make big even bigger.

TC – Where’s My Money (Munchi’s Kinda Agressive Right Now Moombahcore Rmx)

BOOM! You’d better start following MUNCHI on SOUNDCLOUD and TWITTER. He also has a BLOG that you should check out, aswell as a killer debut EP and a couple of hot remixes that you can swipe off JUNO.