Me and some friends were sitting around after a long night of partying, and got on the subject of how a lot of visual art is just bullshit. I made the point that a difference between music and visual art is that, at the end of the day, a piece of music needs to be a good song, or it just doesn’t count. With this in mind, it’s so annoying when a song has lyrics, but they’re mixed in such a way that you can’t understand what the words are. ARGH, I HATE THAT!

Case in point. Check out the Midnight Sun remix of THE SMOKE, by Brooklyn Electro-Rock band, HOME VIDEO.

Annoying Remix (download)

Now this track is really funky, and pretty catchy. At the same time, it’s beautiful, deep, and moody. It would probably be a great remix, if I didn’t spend the entire duration straining to make out the words! This is not a slag against the ORIGINAL VERSION, in which the words are well mixed and quite easy to understand. Only this remix. But I’m also not trying to single out this remix. There are tonnes of tracks like this, especially with the recent rising interest in LO FI music. As I’ve said before, there’s Lo Fi, and then there’s just plain bad.

So here’s what I don’t understand: If an artist takes the time to write lyrics and they are part of the song and they mean something, what is the point of all that if you can’t understand what those lyrics are when you listen. As I wrote above, this isn’t visual art. There is always a certain amount of functionality required in music. Now, I’m certainly not trying to say that music requires lyrics. Infact, I think the instrumentation is WAY more important than vocals. I’m also not trying to say that, if you can’t understand the lyrics in a song, it has no value. There are plenty of jams with non-english lyrics that are wonderful. Ofcourse, I appreciate them on a different level because I don’t understand what the artist is trying to say. My point is that, if you are going to mix the lyrics in such a way that makes them impossible for anyone to understand, then what was the point of writing lyrics? There is none. It would have been much more effective to just make beautiful vocal sounds like COCTEAU TWINS or DEAD CAN DANCE.

So, my apologies to HOME VIDEO, but this remix gets a FAIL.

Ofcourse, don’t let me stop you from downloading, if you feel differently.