Time for another rare VINYL RIP. Are you excited?

I picked up this vinyl around August of last year, and man is this one ever wacky. It’s a messy BREAKCORE jam that uses one of the best and most recognizable vocals to come out of the 90s, REEL 2 REALs I LIKE TO MOVE IT. The production is rough, and it’s really not much more than a cheesy mashup, which might make you wonder why it got pressed to vinyl. WAIT TIL YOU SEE THE PACKAGING!

As you can see, this silly track is pressed to a blue 45. The lettering appears to be stenciled in by hand, with some additional paint splattered on both the folder and the vinyl label. It’s so rediculous, I just HAD to pick it up. The obvious question in my mind was, who would go through all this trouble???

The answer is MASHNUM PI. They are 2 Breakcore producers from Denmark that pride themselves on uber absurdity. The artist info reads that this song is featuring BAD BLUNT CLAN, but I get the idea that they don’t actually exist.

Anyways, you NEED to check out this jam below and grab it if you’d like, but if you’re a music collector, it might be worth sussing out a vinyl copy. Although, I have a feeling it is probably pretty hard to find already.

Wannabeatz – Mashnum PI feat. Bad Blunt Clan

You can keep track of MASHNUM PI on MYSPACE. I would love to see some more vinyls from these guys, but chances are, this will be there one and only.

I love vinyl!