HAPPY HARDCORE is a genre that has always borrowed great vocals from other genres of music. It has also produced some of the most uplifting party vocals of all time. You bet I think it’s a great idea to borrow HHC’s most awesome vocals for updated versions in other, more modern versions of Dance. Here’s a few of my favourites…


First, check out the ORIGINAL HHC version from 1997, by FORCE & STYLES feat. JUNIOR.

In 2003, UK Dance Music producers, ULTRABEAT, gave the song an updated POP TRANCE versioning. It became a huge success, and remains Ultrabeats biggest single to date. Today, this song, along with many of Ultrabeats creations, are considered to be part of the HANDS UP! genre of Hard Dance. Check out the music video below.

Now, for your downloading pleasure, here’s a slightly less agressive bootleg REMIX of Ultrabeats version, by DJ COOKIS.

Ultrabeat – Pretty Green Eyes 2k9 (dj cookis b-b booty remix)

I have no idea who DJ Cookis is, but you can learn more about ULTRABEAT on WIKIPEDIA and their WEBSITE. Also, check out more music from them HERE.


^ Alex Megane

BANG! is an HHC group originally formed by 2 former members of the legendary 90s Rave group, SMART E’s. In 1997 (a renaissance year for original HHC vocals), they released SHOOTING STAR, a song that is considered to be one of the greatest HHC tracks of all time. Check out the original..

In 2008, Austrian Hand Up! heros, DISCOTRONIC, released there own version. The single featured a few remixes, one of which was by one of Germany’s biggest DANCECORE producers, ALEX MEGANE. Like most Hands Up!, Alex’s version hovers between TRANCE and JUMPSTYLE. Prepare to get bouncy and hit it!

Discotronic – Shooting Star (Alex Megane remix edit)

Check out BANG! on there OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE or WIKIPEDIA, and get at more beats HERE. You can learn more about DSICOTRONIC on WIKIPEDIA or their WEBSITE, and peep more big choons HERE. ALEX MEGANE also has a WEBSITE and lots of jams for you to check out HERE.


In 1995, German producers, DUNE, released their first single, HARDCORE VIBES. It would have a HUGE influence on the development of UK HHC, and remain one of the most beloved Hardcore Anthems of all time. Check out the music video!

Now for something RARE. In 2006, I picked up a BOUNCE vinyl containing 2 new versions of classic HHC jams. The only info on the record was that the artists name is “BUZZ”. You may have heard this on my BOY EATS GIRL – ROTTEN RAVE studio mix. Grab it below and enjoy.

Buzz – Hardcore Vibes (Scouse mix)

As far as BOUNCE goes, this jam is pretty much a masterpiece.

You can read more about DUNE on WIKIPEDIA.

There are LOADS of other great HHC jams that deserve an update. PRODUCERS, get on it!