I’ve got a HOUSE jam for you this time. It’s by accomplished producers, ETIENNE OZBORNE & PETER BROWN, but this post isn’t about the producers. It’s about the vocalist.

Back Together (feat Steven Taetz – Montreal mix)

STEVEN TAETZ is a Toronto vocalist with a very beautiful set of wind pipes. His voice can carry a wide range and he sings in many different styles. Steven brings a lot of passion to his vocals. Everything that he sings is done so with lots of feeling. The results, so far, have been incredible. He’s a man bent on changing the face of music, and with all the attention he’s been recieving, he might just do that.

Steven has already recorded vocals for the likes of KENNETH THOMAS, RIVIERA, and AMANDA MORRA. These works have resulted in Taetz being noticed by OAKENFOLD‘s PERFECTO LABEL, aswell as ARMIN VAN BUUREN‘s ARMADA MUSIC. I’m tellin’ ya, watch out for this kid. Big things are coming. Check out Steve in his first music video (around 2:08)…


You can follow STEVEN TAETZ on FACEBOOK and check out more of his work HERE.

PS. I heard Steve was in the studio with SMUT PUSHERS. Can’t wait to find out what that’s about.