WARNING: This jam is not for every DRUM N BASS head. BROS will probably hate it. BUT, if you like dark, brooding drones over hard, irratic drums, boardering on DRILLSTEP, check this shit out.

Sephiroth – Life On Mars

Personally, I don’t usually like to hear a whole set of stuff like this, but a couple of well placed jams will really get me moving.


He’s a Manchester based producer who’s been making tunes on the harder side of DnB for about 6 years. Like many producers in the DnB/Dubstep world, I imagine he’s a pretty low key guy, because locating pics or info about him is difficult. I did see it written that his objective is to “simply create music that people can enjoy”. Can’t argue with that (unless you’re a cunt, I suppose).

For the past couple years, while still persuing his solo material, Sephiroth has also been involved in a collaboration, called C-SONIX, with MR. BANG-E, out of Northampton. While this project is still relatively new, they have already recieved a bunch of support from several labels and some big name DJs. If this is you scene, be watching out for C-Sonix.

You can holler at SEPHIROTH on MYSPACE. Check out his AREA 51 EP on JUNO, and more of his jams on SOUNDCLOUD. Also be sure to peep some sounds from C-SONIX.

Big rotten thanx to CYBER CRUNK RECORDS for hooking me up with this tune. love what you guys are doing.

Why do I have an overwhelming urge to go play Final Fantasy???