The following jam should be the theme song of DEAD KIDS GET LIVELY…

Breakdown – Feels Like (Original Mix)

Not only is this jam right on point lyrically, it’s also filthy and high-energy, which are things that I always look for in music, regardless of genre.

This one comes from BREAKDOWN, out of L.A.

They are brothers, Matt & Josh, and they have EVERYTHING going for them. They are both highly experienced, one as a DJ and Promoter, and the other as an audio engineer and computer programmer. They have a great dynamic together. As Matt has said, “The best thing about working with your brother is that you’ve already had all the serious fights when you were nine”. Apparently, they are also both nice guys who love to joke around. On top of all these things, they have been pumping out banger after funky banger, with no sign of slowing down.

Things just recently blew up for these guys when they released a REMIX of DAFT PUNK‘s DEREZZED, from the TRON: LEGACY soundtrack. It got 20,000 listens in 4 days, and DISNEY ended up licensing the tune for use in trailers for the movie. BIG BIG TINGS!

BREAKDOWN have an awesome WEBSITE for you to check out. You can also grab their PLAY WITH IT EP HERE.

Right now, I feel like….BRAAAAIIIIINZZZZ.