When it comes to classic horror movie themes, it seems that simple is best. Think of JAWS, or FRIDAY THE 13th, or HALLOWEEN. One of my all-time fav horror themes is from CAPE FEAR. Here’s a few different interpretations, starting off with the latest.


They’re a DUBSTEP duo from Sweden that have pumped out many a wicked choon. Check their dubbed out version of the big scary horns.

L-Wiz – Cape Fear

You can join the L-WIZ FACEBOOK group, and peep more of their jams HERE.


This DUTCH HOUSE version was the result of a couple of my homeboys, from 2 underground Toronto ELECTRO/HIP HOP groups, getting together to step outside their usual sounds and do something different. The result is a heavy banger sure to make the club walls shake. Get at dis.

84.85 & Smut Pushers – Cape Fear

You can get to know 84.85 on FACEBOOK and peep more of their work on SOUNDCLOUD and JUNO. My homeslice’s, SMUT PUSHERS, can also be reached via FACEBOOK, SOUNDCLOUD, and HERE.


Possibly the first attempt at sampling this classic horror theme was made by HAPPY HARDCORE legends, SY & UNKNOWN. As far as 1997 HHC goes, this one is quite on the darker side. A groundbreaking jam by 2 of Hardcore’s most important pioneers. It’s a VINYL RIP. Cheers.

Sy & Unknown – Cape Fear

You can check out more from SY & UNKNOWN on their label site for QUOSH RECORDS, or HERE.