Time for a DEAD KIDS GET LIVELY EXCLUSIVE! This is one for the DRUM N BASS fans, and ZOMBIE movie buffs alike. It’s my edit of a killer Z JAM called ANTIBODY.

The Infekted – Antibody (Gobs VIZ Edit)

You may have heard this on my TROPICAL TERROR MIX. Basically, I used different parts of the ORIGINAL and SPECIAL ED REMIX, chopping it down to a heavy 2.5 mins of madness.

It’s yet another jam that utilizes samples from the 28 DAYS series. I love that, along with the vocal sample, this jam is also heavily based around the killer 28 Days Later THEME. It’s a Dead Kids dancefloor destroyer, for sure!

The original track is by THE INFEKTED, one of the many projects of Scotlands INFKTD. He’s a full-time punk who also holds a mutual love of DnB and Hip Hop. If you wanna get into his brain and find out what he’s all about, check out his BLOG, RIOT STEP.

This EP came out on SPECIAL RECORDS. If you’re feelin’ it, get at the other releases on the label. You should also check out more stuff from SPECIAL ED, and THE INFEKTED.

You dig???