From the City Of Brotherly Love comes DEV79. He’s the kingpin of a unique sound that can only be described as STREET BASS. He even made a song about it. Like to hear it, here it goes…

Dev79 – Live N Die 4 The Street Bass

Dev has a one-of-a-kind sound that combines GARAGE, GRIME, TROPICAL, DUBSTEP, and HIP-HOP, often throwing in sounds from even more genres of music from song to song. He’s a well established DJ in the Philly scene and his name continues to grow ever larger in the world of bass-heavy music.

Along with STARKEY, Dev also plays the role of label owner. Together, they have masterminded SECLUSIASIS, the STREET BASS ANTHEMS SERIES, and SLIT JOCKEY RECORDS (along with partner, EL CARNICERO). These are all labels you should get familiar with if you’re lovin’ the above jam.

The rest of the LIVE N DIE 4 THE STREET BASS EP is a killer, so if you love the original, check out the REMIXES. Speaking of remixes, I hope by now you’ve heard Dev’s version of my BIT LOTTA BASS jam. Non? Get caught up HERE.

You can get at more of DEV79’s music on his SOUNDCLOUD, and snatch up his various releases on JUNO. You can also stalk his every move by adding him on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

I aint trippin’ neither.