I’m gonna get dorky for a minute, and argue that the TETRIS THEME is one of the catchiest songs of all time. There are few jams, let alone video game themes, that send dancefloors into a frenzy any time they are dropped, and have done so consistently for over 20 years. Quite a feet for a piece of music that has NO COMPOSER and NO REAL NAME. Now, before I go further, I’m sure you know the Tetris theme, but just incase…

So first of all, the “Tetris Theme” isn’t actually the theme song of the game at all. There are many different versions of Tetris, with many different soundtracks. The “Tetris Theme” IS, however, the start up screen music for the most popular version of the game, released for NINTENDO GAMEBOY in 1989. The proper title of this track is simply just MUSIC A. It is based on a piece of Russian Folk music, most commonly named KOROBEINIKI (there are several different spellings). The composer of the original song is unknown.

The Tetris Theme has been remixed over and over and over again, and it will likely continue to be, because it’s popularity has no sign of waning. I have a rare GABBER version on vinyl, called GABBER OVER TETRIS, that got me several bookings just on the promise that I would drop it. You may have heard it on my first studio mix, MORE FOR YOUR CORE. Below is a fairly recent JUMPSTYLE version, titled PLAY WITH ME, by BLUE NATURE vs DK. Enjoy?

Blue Nature vs DK – Play With Me (Blue Nature remix edit)

TETRIS has been named as the greatest video game of all time. Play it, love it, and if you’re a huge dork like me, read about it on WIKIPEDIA.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I have a nose bleed.