I felt I should write a little something about why I continue to support HARD DANCE music. It’s necessary to start out by saying that I’m not really feeling any of these genres any more. Yes, I will always love a big heavy beat, but Hard Dance music has barely changed at all in the past, like, 5 years. I recently saw a comments from SAM PUNK saying that “I’ll drop a 1999 track into a 2010 track. I don’t even give a fuck”, to which I wanted to respond, “Yeah, and it wouldn’t sound weird because Hardstyle hasn’t changed at all in a fucking decade. Try doing that with Electro. It would sound retarded”. On top of this, Hard Dance music was a result of the rave scenes of the 90s, but it’s not the 90s anymore. The world has changed. People have changed. Music has changed. I’m always interested in the future. I try to stay on the edge and am always moved by new ideas that push music forward. So why continue to support Hard Dance? Good question.

I believe that it’s important to never forget where you came from. As a wise old DJ (PSYKLONE) once said, “If you don’t know your roots, you can’t grow”. I can hear the direct influence of Hard Dance on the new music of today. For example, without the heavy distortion of GABBER and HARDSTYLE, or the huge basslines of JUNGLE, there would be no DUBSTEP. Without the huge kicks and tweeky synth lines of HARD HOUSE, there would be no DUTCH HOUSE and probably no TROPICAL BASS either. Don’t even get me started on the importance of HARDCORE BREAKS in all modern forms of electronic music. Because of this direct influence, Hard Dance music continues to be relevant. I can definately speak for myself in saying that it has a profound influence on the music that I am making. Since I recognize this influence, but believe that there is a lack of blogging about Hard Dance artists, I consider it of importance to do so myself.

Here’s another aspect of the subject that is personally imporant to me. Most of my closest friends are people I met at Hard Dance events. Most of my musical contacts and colleagues are people I know from Hard Dance events, or are simply former Ravers themselves. Some of the fondest memories of my entire life (and death) took place at Hard Dance events. All of this makes it very hard and, frankly, wrong to break away from a scene that has given me so much.

However, time always marches on, and if you don’t keep moving forward with it, you get left behind. In this new world, these tired genres continue to grow ever more stale and I can foresee Hard Dance being dropped from DEAD KIDS GET LIVELY in the not so distant future. For now, I will continue to support BOUNCE, GABBER, HANDS UP!, HARDCORE BREAKS, HARDSTYLE/JUMPSTYLE,  HARD HOUSE, HARD TRANCE, JUNGLE, and UK HARDCORE/HHC in my sets and my afterlife, and will continue to do so until I feel that their influence is no longer relevant.

Now, let’s celebrate this decision with some BIG BEATS. I give you 2 very different Hard Dance versions of a guilty pleasure of mine…

HOLD ME TONIGHT, a 2006 TRANCE anthem by ANGEL ONE. This jam has one of those epic vocals that moves you and stays in your head the first time you hear it. Check out the original music video below.

Here’s the DJ GOLLUM REMIX of an updated Hands Up! version by MANIAN.

Manan – Hold Me Tonight (DJ Gollum radio edit)

You can reach GOLLUM on MYSPACE and get at more of his music HERE. MANIAN has a pretty bitchin’ WEBSITE and lots more jams for you to snatch up HERE.

The second version is one of many HAPPY HARDCORE remixes. This one is by SQUAD-E. I love the pitched up vocal and the big drops get me really pumped.

Angel One – Hold Me Tonight (Squad-E Remix)

Get at SQUAD-E on his MYSPACE and check out more of his manic music HERE.

I would love to know how YOU feel about HARD DANCE music. Maybe you think it’s shit, or maybe you wouldn’t be visiting this blog without it. Please leave a comment below and let me know how you feel.