If you pay attention to pop music at all (infact, even if you don’t), you probably know that WIZ KHALIFA is blowing the fuck up at an alarming speed. He’s got so much momentum behind him that, unless he does something stupid to ruin his carreer, he’s sure to be the next HIP HOP megastar. What you may not know is that music magazines have been predicting Khalifa’s rise to the top since 2006!

I believe that Wiz is the first huge success from a city that is about to become synonimus with great music. PITTSBURGH is one of my favourite places on earth, and I’ve heard from several other fellow music enthusiasts who believe that it is going to become a North American hot spot for great music. Why? Well, it’s hard to say. I know that one factor is that Pittsburgh is a really cheap place to live, which always attracts artistic people, which most often leads to a flourishing art scene, music being an important part of it. I also know that Pittsburgh is filled with contrasting features. Parts of the city are run down and falling apart, while others are filled with beautiful new architecture. You can be in the middle of a twisted urban jungle, then drive 20 minutes and be surrounded by endless forests and small-town dwellings. The city is surrounded by mountains and there are more bridges in Pittsburgh than any other city in North America. What I’m getting at is that all of this is very inspiring.

Artistically minded community + Inspiring atmosphere = Good ass art.          That’s just simple mathematics. (?)

In the past 6 months that DEAD KIDS has been online, I’ve blogged about B. RICH / KASTLEDOVERSPIKE, PETER LEE, & RSK. All reside in The Burgh. I’ve got a feeling there’s gonna be a bunch more killer producers bubbling up from the 412 underground in 2011. Now we play the waiting game.

Get at WIZ’s big hit tribute to his city, BLACK AND YELLOW.

Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow

OR, if that’s too commercial for your taste, try out this DUBSTEP remix of WIZ’s first hit single, SAY YEAH. This one was niced up by my fellow Torontonian party junkies, GOOFFEE.

Wiz Khalifa – Say Yeah (Gooffee Remix)

Learn more about WIZ KHALIFA on WIKIPEDIA or his WEBSITE. You can also follow him on TWITTER and snatch up more of his music HERE.

The waiting game sucks.